Phoenix Point Trainer +35

Phoenix Point Trainer +35

Activating this trainer:
If not state otherwise below, press F1 at main menu.
Listen for ‘Trainer Activated’.
Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Promo Options:
Separator: Reset Time at Pause or Move

Trainer Options:
# Geomap
NumPad1: Display All Map Locations
# Base Progression
NumPad2: Instant Research
NumPad3: Instant Construction
NumPad4: Instant Manufacturing
NumPad5: Large Living Quarters Space
NumPad6: Mega Power Generators
NumPad7: Mega Storage Space
NumPad8: Mega Aircraft Storage Space
NumPad9: Mega Vehicle Storage Space
# Unit Progression
Multiply: Unlimited Training SP
Add: Unlimited Phoenix SP
# Game Time
Separator: Reset Time at Pause or Move
# Alien Attacks
Subtract: Aliens Do Not Attack Havens
Decimal: No Mist Spread
# Population
Divide: Protect Haven Populations
# Units Combat
F1: Reset Fatigue
F2: Unlimited Unit Health
F3: Unlimited Unit AP
F4: Unlimited Unit WP
F5: Reset Body Part Damage
# Weapons
F6: Unlimited Ammo Clips
F7: No Reload
F8: Unlimited Grenade Use
# AI Combat
F9: AI Do Not Attack
# Cheat Console
F10: Enable Cheat Menu
# Game Speed
F11: Game Speed

Editor Options:
# Resources:
# Faction Relations:
New Jericho
Discibles of Anu
# Game Time:
Time Elapsed in Game
# Alien Progression:
SDI Level Meter
# Mouse Over Unit:
Current Health

Display All Map Locations:
Toggle on and LOAD a SAVE and all the unique locations can be seen. You will still have to fly to them to discover what they are. Also you can use the Enable Cheat Menu and the Reveal Sites cheat to actually reveal them all.

Instant Research:
Toggle on then start research and it completes instantly.

Instant Construction:
Toggle on then start construction and it completes instantly.

Instant Manufacturing:
Toggle on then start manufacturing and it completes instantly.

Large Living Quarters Space:
Toggle on and Living Quarters buildings have more room for more units. You may have to power OFF and building and power it back ON to see the effect change.

Mega Power Generators:
Toggle on and Power Generator buildings produce more power. You may have to power OFF and building and power it back ON to see the effect change.

Mega Storage Space:
Toggle on and Storage Buildings have more space. You may have to power OFF and building and power it back ON to see the effect change.

Mega Aircraft Storage Space:
Toggle on and you can create more aircraft at base hangars. You may have to power OFF and building and power it back ON to see the effect change.

Mega Vehicle Storage Space:
Toggle on and you can create more Vehicles at base hangars. You may have to power OFF and building and power it back ON to see the effect change.

Unlimited Training SP:
Unlimited Phoenix SP:
Toggle on and you have plenty at training.

Aliens Do Not Attack Havens:
Toggle on and aliens will not attack havens. Please note that some parts of the progression of the campaign rely on the spread of aliens and them attacking certain havens so use accordingly.

No Mist Spread:
Toggle on and the mist will not spread.

Protect Haven Populations:
Toggle on and populations of havens will not decrease due to starvation or mist or some other things.

Reset Fatigue:
Toggle on and when you are about to embark on a mission and you are selecting units, you will see that the fatigue is reset for them.

Unlimited Unit Health:
Unlimited Unit WP:
Toggle on while in combat and the selected unit being moved will have unlimited.

Unlimited Unit AP:
Toggle on while in combat and the selected unit being moved will have unlimited. Essentially you can move and attack at will.

Reset Body Part Damage:
Toggle on, click the unit you wish to affect, the click INFO to see the values and that they have reset. Toggle back off once you have repaired / healed. LEAVE THIS OFF WHEN ATTACKING ENEMIES OR SOME OF THEM WILL APPEAR INVINCIBLE!

Unlimited Ammo Clips:
Toggle on and if you have an ammo clip, when you reload the ammo clip is not used and is still in your inventory for most weapons.

No Reload:
Toggle on and most weapons will be able to fire without needing reload.

Unlimited Grenade Use:
Toggle on and if you have a grenade and throw it, it isn’t removed from your inventory.

AI Do Not Attack:
Toggle on and while on, most enemies will not attack when it is their turn.

Enable Cheat Menu:
Toggle on then press TAB to open it up. You can then navigate the menu and select cheats (Instant WIN, for instance). Some effects require you to select units or position cursor over things, or may be inactive in this release. Experiment to see what does what. MAKE SAVES BEFORE DOING THINGS because some effects may be permanent or unwanted. Press TAB to close back.

Game Speed:
Toggle on to speed up the game.

Resources’ Food:
Resources’ Materials:
Resources’ Tech:
Faction Relations’ New Jericho:
Faction Relations’ Synedrion:
Faction Relations’ Discibles of Anu:
Press GEOSCAPE button to refresh.

Time Elapsed in Game:
This will fill in on Geomap. You can edit it to change the date/time of the game.

SDI Level Meter:
This is the meter at the upper right of the Geomap. Press GEOSCAPE button to refresh.

Current Health:
While in combat, mouse over unit and the value will show here. You can then edit it. Most useful to make enemies very weak or to heal units.

+35 REVISION 1.0.54861
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